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FCBC-Regina is a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, Christ-centered, Family-oriented, Soulwinning. Disciplemaking, Missions-minded, Church-planting Church. King James Bible is our official Bible used in all ministries.

FCBC-Regina is the First Filipino Baptist Church in the city of Regina. A Filipino Canadian Church, an International Church, a Bible Church, and a Baptist Church which partnered with Faith Baptist Church Regina as our host church. We also partnered with Asian Baptist Clearinghouse (ABC), International Board of Jewish Missions (IBJM) and Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples (BMFP) missionaries to propagate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Canada, the North America, 10/40 Window and to the "uttermost parts of the earth."


FCBC-Regina is open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds. We lead our congregation in worship, deepening the connection to God, understanding the teachings of Christ, and ultimately to a vibrant faith.

Through the dedication of our leadership and members, we are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are here to spread His message. Contact us today to find out more about becoming part of the FCBC-Regina community.

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