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The church is the people and not the building. It is a community of believers gathered in a particular location in person or virtually. The church is a place to belong. Hence, the church is wherever the people meet for prayer, worship, fellowship, preaching and teaching, discipleship, encouragement and exhortation be it in a house, restaurant, park, library, storefront, school, hotel function room, an office or church building. 

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Livestreaming Service @ Southpoint Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida Sundays 9AM Saskatchewan time (11AM Florida time)

or watch the pre-recorded messages below,

just click the Youtube links. 

June 23

June 16

June 9

June 2

Memorial Day Service (USA)

May 26

"It Is I, Be Not Afraid"

May 12

The God of Love (Part 2)

May 5

The God of Love (Part 1) 

April 28

His Last Command, Our First Concern

worship service



Topics of interest:

-"I Love Sundays" (five sessions, all year-round)

-The 5 P's of Bible Believer's Baptism by the late Pastor Ben Abante Sr. (one session)

-The Assurance and Eternal Security of the Believers (one session)

-Operation Go Soul-winning Plan by the late Dr. David Wood (one session)

-Established In The Faith by Pastor Keith Piper (one year, one hour a week)

-End Times Prophecy: The Book of Revelation (six sessions)

-First Steps for New Christians by Pastor Paul Chappell (thirteen sessions)

Third Adam Series by Missionary Spencer Smith

 (The Coming of the One World Religion, The Mystery Babylon the Great found in Revelation 17,18)

[click on the link or copy and paste in your browser]

Third Adam (Part 1)

Third Adam (Part 2)

Third Adam (Part 3)

Third Adam (Part 4)




We’re excited for you and your family considering visiting FCBC-Regina and look forward to you coming to worship with us. Feel free to get in touch to find out more and to discover how to make the most of your initial visit for you and your family. We can’t wait to meet you.

You are welcome here!
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